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This Great Software has been Created by Pro Betfair Trader,

Michael, creator, of Betfairatm, Betfair Success Formula, Pro betfair trading, Place Lay Formula..plus more..

Now Presents... His own rating method in Software Form.

" Rate The Races Deluxe"


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You can see the Software Rating races.


Newq Update 8th September, 2015

System 1. 62 Points Profit in 48 Days.

In Win and Place Market, Level Staking.

System 2.



Re Visited From 13th Dec 2012 to 28th February 2013


Staking Plans Used are:

Strategy 1 - S1 Profit 112points
Bet 1 point each on the two horses selected by the Rate The Races software and Stop at a 1 point Profit, or -10 points loss for the day. Level stakes of 1point per selection are maintained throughout, even after a losing race.
Strategy 2  - S2 Profit 24 points
Like Strategy 1 except you don’t have the -10 points loss, so it continues until you have a 1 point profit for the day.

Strategy 3- S3 234 points

First betting day, you are staking 1 point on each of the top 2 rated horses, so that is 2 points staked per race for day.If we make a profit on day one, we repeat the process on day two. And stake 1 point per horse, for every race for the day, 2 horses (Top 2) per race.

If however, we did not make a profit on the day, using 1 point stakes, we increase or stakes for the day to 2 points per horse, 4 points a race.

Now if after that day of staking 2 points, if we have made and profit and covered the losses of the day we staked at 1 point, then we will revert back to 1 point per horse for the next day.
If we have made a profit using the 2 points per horse, however not covered the losses of the previous day, we stake 2 points a horse again.

If however, our day at 2 points a horse was a losing day, we go to 3 points a horse for the next day.


This strategy, you can put all your bets on for the day and let them run.

The worst performing Strategy made 24 points for the month the best Strategy 234 points



So as you can see if you watched the video only

a few clicks of the mouse and you are in business.

Rates, UK and Ireland Racing...



Rate individual races, and save them.


Or in seconds, scan the whole days Racing, and get the Top Rate 1, 2, or 3 horses.


11 Days, 35 points Profit, on Stop at a Winner, or 10 point loss Stop.


Just check June 2012 start of Ascot Big Meeting

Not bad for the four days...


If you sort the Top 10 Rated horses each day, (UK ) and back them Win and Place (each way)


Very Clean, fast and best of all EASY to USE!

Here are a few of the Winners

14th March, 2011

2.00 Plumpton 48.00 Turtlethomas 1st rated.

17th March, 2011

Holmwood Legend 39.81

King's Light 25.00

21st March, 2011

Sole Agent @ 56.00

2nd April, 2011

Jimmy Styles @ 34.00

9th April, 2011

Dickie Le Davoir @ 27.00

Grand National Winner

Ballabriggs @ 19.99

25th April, 2011

Dealing River @ 26.63

Beach Babe @ 17.92

1st May, 2011

Blue Bunting @ 20.50

Toby Tiler @ 20.00

7th May, 2011

Law of the Range - @ 14.8

Fazza @20.62

10th May, 2011

Watch Chain @15.00

11th May, 2011

Line of Duty @ 42.00

19th May, 2011

Tullius @ 20.00

26th June, 2011

He's A Hawker @ 122.00


Andrew is turning a PROFIT...



Since the 21st February, the Top 2 Rated Horses Have Won 1159 races! (2nd June)


John Just Loves It... another email.





Using the TOP TWO selections.. Here are the Winners.

We are not updating individual Winners as from 31st March.

30th Mar, 2011, Ballarina 10.10, Speedy Directa 5.56, Kiama Bay 4.10, E Street Boy 1.91, Another Wise Kid 7.77, Bertenbar2.52, Choral 1.33, Real Milan 9.29, Misty Morn 20.50, Dijarvo 5.50

29th Mar, 2011,Bold Addition 1.21, Ashva 1.84, The Big Haerth 4.20, Qozak 1.15, Baileys Agincourt 5.60, Dickie Le Davoir 8.96, Kingscroft 2.04, Drumbeater 7.69, Ana Emarati 2.54, Dansilver 3.90,Thunder Child 2.54,

28th Mar, 2011, Curragh Dancer 10.00, Wiqaaya 1.09, Sircozy 1.22, Araldur 1.33, Fleetwoodsands 6.40, De Welsh Wizzard 3.11, She's Humble 5.84, Joe Le Taxi 2.06, Lonesome Boatman 4.20,Bach To Front 13.50, Make A Track 2.74

27th Mar, 2011,Flinty Bay 1.65, Midnight Opera 5.70, January 6.01, Final Veto 4.32, Paint The Clouds 1.76, Eyre Square 2.83, Goring One 2.98, Boston Bob 1.72, Bygones Sovereign 3.90

26th Mar, 2011,Anne of Kiev 9.20, Chrysander 2.04, Hes Our Lad 8.40, Bear's Affair 1.68, Sun Tzu 3.73, Nideeb 3.33, Rey Nacarado 5.20, Katmai River 3.20, Musawama 2.56, Pouvoir 6.60,Iver Bridge Lad 3.05, Beaubrav 4.27, Robertewenutter 2.62, Penelope Pips 2.38

25th Mar, 2011, Dorothy's Dancing 1.42, Lucky Meadows 5.67, Hinton Admiral 2.74, Turko 2.47,Fanditha 3.40, Accumulate 2.38, Baby Strange 10.50,

24th Mar, 2011, Sara's Smile 7.40, Lady Bluesky 2.42, Double The Trouble 2.67, The Knoxs 1.67, Roudoudou Ville 2.44, You Know Yourself 4.80, Abstract Art 3.04, Gilwen Glory 9.05, Ballycarron Lad 3.09, Oca De Thaix 2.62, Kingaroo 6.43, Kadouchski 3.55

23rd Mar, 2011,Red Merlin 1.45, Sweet Irony 2.36, Highway Code 2.39, Mister Chancer 2.06, Arnold Layne 4.01, Gentleman Anshan 5.01, A Bridge Too Far 1.42, My Way de Solzen 6.20, Sweet Origin 2.10, Eastern Gift 8.20

22nd Mar, 2011, Shuil Royale 2.74, Take Your Partner 3.50, Lordsbridge4.86, Laustra Bad4.12, Basford Bob 2.90, Beau Fighter 1.99, Pere Blanc 5.69, Rare Symphony 2.58

Trifecta won at £623.00 with our top 3 rated.

21st Mar, 2011,Rossini's Dancer 6.00, Hildisvini 1.96, King Mak 9.4, Goring One 4.5, Tartan Snow 8.4, Mut'ab 3.87, Sole Agent 56.00, Quotica De Poyans 2.36, Collect Art 10.92, Straboe 3.46

trifecta won at £262.40 with our top 3 rated.

20th Mar, 2011, Midnight Appeal 2.73, Rith Bob 3.65, Alvarado 2.53, Fin Vin de Leu 2.92, Rawaaj 4.00, Over The Phone 1.67

19th Mar, 2011, Frequency 3.95, Best Prospect 3.05, Prince Tam 3.41, She Ain't A Saint 2.09, Copper's Gold 2.59, Ambion Wood 4.80, Nomadic Warrior 6.09, Mister Pete 3.05, Dickie Le Davoir 8.80, Copperwood 6.80, Bountiful Guest 4.40

18th Mar, 2011, Edgeworth 2.38, Sole Bonne Femme 8.40, Silly Billy 2.52, Cottage Flyer 4.60, Enigma Variations 4.77, Fujin Dancer 9.61, Apache Glory 5.81, Bestwecan 1.72, Grey Boy 7.40, Barbirolli 17.32

17th Mar, 2011 Noble Prince 5.37, Rupert Lamb 1.96, Holmwood Legend 39.81, Devils Bit 3.55, King's Light 25.00, Delightfully 2.84, Soul Angel 3.94, Go Maggie Go 3.04, Saint Helena 4.27, John Potts 4.33

16th Mar, 2011 Burnthill 4.81, Sofias Number One 1.55, Emmaslegend 2.20, Lewyn 3.30,Twin Soul 2.63, Pelmanism 3.67

15th Mar, 2011 , Streamtown 1.46, Captain Chris 7.27, Finlay 3.55

14th Mar, 2011 , Turtlethomas 48.00, Palawi 1.34, Balerina 1.81, Fiftyonefiftyone 3.42, Thunder Child 3.81, Little Roxy 3.55, Present A Star 5.36, Cork All Star 1.36

13th Mar, 2011 , The Boss 6.84, Evella 1.70, Wistow 2.00, Ballybriggan 1.48, Ouest Eclair 14.31

2:05 Warwick, WON tricast £422.22 with our top 3 rated.

12th Mar, 2011.Trucking Along 12, Rebel Swing 5.16, Raysrock 2.21, Form And Beauty 6.16, Swincombe Flame 10.37, Mamlook 5.19, Holmwood Legend 19.01, Lowther 6.57,Go Maggie Go 8.58, Admirable Duque 21.88

11th Mar, 2011, Violin Davis 4.79, Whispering Jack 2.42, Bold Addition 1.71, Shinko Moon 8.17,Cool Mission 1.72 , Shooting Times 13.50, Innominate 2.93, Swansbrook 1.41, Takeroc 1.98,Owner Occupier 4.48, Blu Teen 5.70, Alfraamsey 6.00, Jawaab 10.16, Gottany O's 1.63, Erinjay 1.43, Rosewood Lad 6.88 17 winners out of 32 races

10th Mar, 2011, Alexander Road 5.50, Baile Anrai 1.61, Armedanddangerous24.00,Neil Harvey 3.53, Renard D'irlande 1.55, Midnight Appeal 2.90, Management 2.76 Forecast Top 2 Pays £1,045.00

9th Mar, 2011, Where's Susie 4.80, Gurtacrue 2.18, Bardolet 3.80, I Can Run Can You 3.35, Delgany Gunner 9.20, Brilliant Barca 3.20, Jake The Snake 2.84, Sir Boss 6.48

8th Mar, 2011, Where's Reiley 5.19, Jukebox Melody 3.50, La Estrella 1.34, Cute N You Know It 5.70, Lockstown 3.55, Irish Jugger 2.60, Willie Hall 2.96, Tiptoeaway 1.81, Trans Sonic 5.40, Categorical 6.60 10 winners out of 21 races

7th Mar, 2011, Alla Svelta 2.17, Lastkingofscotland 7.11, Rileyev 2.08, Eternal Youth 3.96, Milo Milan 4.51, Quartz de Thaix 4.50, Twin Soul 2.39, Mickmacmagoole 7.20, Themilanhorse 2.56

6th Mar, 2011,Cloudy Too 8.40,

5th Mar, 2011, Polar Gunner 22.00, Medinas 13.99, Regal Heights 6.60, Tuskar Rock 9.20, Araldur 3.76, Drive Time 5.30, Always Right 6.49, Pokfulham 5.48, Quotica De Poyans 2.46

4th Mar, 2011, Govenor General 6.19, Jacobs Son 1.51, Flynn's Boy 7.01, Eastern Gift 4.11,Estonia 3.09, Baseball Ted 7.20, Better Self 3.19, School For Scandal 1.27

3rd Mar, 2011,Havingotascoobydo 3.59, Isn't That Lucky 5.00, Whispering Jack 5.71, The General Lee 10.50, One Pursuit 1.83, Fantasy Fry 2.45, Cobo Bay 3.18, Henry King 4.80, Ridgeway Hawk 12.48, Apache Ridge 10.02, Hill Tribe 3.55, Nevada Desert 9.60, John Potts 3.40, Desert Shine 1.48,Stoneacre Gareth 1.77 15 winners out of 29 races

2nd Mar, 2011, Miereveld 3.28, Numide 5.95, Pie At Midnight 3.47, Non Dom 3.44, Jackson Cage 2.21, Super Directa 2.42, Victrix Gale 5.40, Rince Donn 4.40, Victory Gunner 3.65, Arbeo 1.48, Grey Boy 4.06, Blue Cossack 4.06, Avonrose 6.67, Covert Decree 1.33, Kidlat 2.68, Al Aqabah 4.45
16 winners out of 29 race.

1st Mar, 2011, Timesawastin 2.06, Border Lad 2.53, Patman Du Charmil 4.67, Marias Rock 5.07,Sertao 2.61, Galaxy Rock 1.34, Over The Phone 2.2, Ours 2.02, Jack's Revenge 3.00, A Little Bit Dusty 2.27, Kahfre 10.18, Bosambo 1.94, Queen O'The Desert 3.58. 13 Winners out of 20 races.

28th Feb, 2011, Shadows Lengthen 7.76, Sinfield 5.45, Asturienne 3.17, Beau Lake 5.05, Arctic Flow 5.10, Deep Pockets 7.40, Six Wives 8.40, Sweet Origin 1.62.

27th Feb, 2011, Bunglasha Lady 4.50, Fruity O'Rooney 2.30, Celestial Halo 2.48, Destroyer Deployed 3.70, Whoops A Daisy 2.92, Syndication 3.27.

26th Feb, 2011, Suits Me 5.00, Captain Chris 1.40, Sire De Grugy 3.70, Ocean Transit 16.92, Battle Group 6.50, Bollin Felix 1.63, Chamirey 2.17, The Tracey Shuffle 2.26

25th Feb, 2011, Hildisvini 15.50, Wily Fox 3.49, Pepite Rose 3.40, Steel City Boy 8.50, Loyalty 4.40,Visions of Johanna 1.77, Straboe 4.39

24th Feb, 2011, Aikman 17.00, Honourable Arthur 3.90, Eton Fable 1.85, Fantasy Fry 4.60, Interchoice Star 9.60, Positivity 3.12, Chantilly Jewel 10.56, Reachforthebucks 1.42, Flinty Bay 1.59, Special Portrait 2.02, Dark Glacier 3.00 Kempton top 3 tricast £390.00

23rd Feb, 2011, Hoover 1.54, Chjimes 3.11, Titan Diamond 5.45, Scary Movie 6.72, Geordie Iris 1.47, Lewyn 3.25, Joe Le Taxi 5.00, Paintball 4.75, Abstract Art 3.85, Cantlow 4.70, Songjiang 2.38

22nd Feb, 2011, Imperial Royale 2.00, River Dragon 2.07, La estrella 2.54, Cape of Storms 12.50, Reachforthebucks 1.13, Stanley Rigby 3.32, Dark Lover 1.62, Ciceron 3.89, Just Amazing 1.50,

21st Feb, 2011: Jammia 50.00, Richie Rob 11.00, Old Way 3.60, Quartz de Thaix 4.60, Decent Lord 2.80, Captain Cool 4.00, Erinjay 2.60, West Leake 7.10, (tote swinger 23.00 with the two top rated.)

On First day Of Release..

And again same day...



Here are Results using the Top Rated Horse Only.


Betting Top Rated Only returns are at 420 points for the 6 Months,

June, July,August,Sept,Oct and Nov 2011.


These results are stop at a 1.00 point or more Profit, betting only the Top Rated Horse.





How To Play The Ratings.


These results are only a suggestion, how you use the rating is up to you.

Stopping At Profit each Day

Here are the Results Since Release.

Using the Top Two Rated Horses.



Here is why we don't include commission in the results above:

Hi Anne,
Thanks for the email.

On the results of rate the races, we DON’T take the commission out, reason is people are on all different commission rates, plus we are using Betfair SP prices to report.

In most cases if you bet like 60 secs before the off you will get better prices that the SP, the classic was the other week, we had Blue Bunting as a winner. Most people got 26.00 or better we got 29.00. However the Betfair SP was 20.50, now just before they jumped the price was still 23.00, so you can see we recorded a price that was way under what most people got.

This is only one case, and often we have made our 1 point minimum profit, however the Betfair sp has plunged and we have had to record a lower number, and continue betting, once having to record a losing day when we actually made a profit.

So you will do better than the results showing if you are betting before the off like we do (unfortunately to be transparent we can only show the poorer performing Betfair SP figures, so the commission is not an issue in the profitability of the software and the Method 1 and 2 staking.



How Does "Stop At A Profit Work?"

The rates software rates every runner, however it records the Top 3 that can be printed out.

OK all we need is the Top 2 Horses.

Start of racing, first race back at level stakes the Top 2 rated horses, you bet the same amount on both horses, in this example we will use £10 per bet ( £20.00 per race.)

OK if one of our horses win and we make more than 1 point profit we stop for the day.

If we don't make the 1 point (£10.00) profit we go to the next race with the same stake (we don't increase this).

So we stake £10 each on the Top 2 horses again. If we win enough to cover all our stakes £20.00 on the first race if both horse lost and £20.00 on this and make at least 1 point clear profit, then we stop for the day if not we bet £10 on each of the top 2 again and repeat.

There will be times our horses win but we don't make the 1 point profit, in that case we take the win from our losses and continue betting until we get the clear 1 point profit.

On £10 per horse ( £20.00 per race) start with at least a £500.00 bank.

More is better but if that is all you can afford you can start with that.

Safer Way to Use Stop A At Profit.

The only difference to the strategy is that you limit your losses on any one day to 10 points.

So if you are down 10 points you stop betting for the day.

You can then use a smaller bank.


This is only one Strategy to use the rating.

Top Rated horses, finish one and two by a head, at 18/1 and 100/1 (189.00 on Betfair)

Forecast for a Pound, £1,045.00



13th March, Tricast...


Dec 10th 2016 Testimonal.




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You can not pass on, either for a fee or PAID to a third party.

If you download and are issued a Key you are agreeing to these conditions.

Sorry, but it happens, and we will take legal action.


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